Bartolomeo de’ Rossi was very careful when choosing the location where his sumptuous abode would be built. Here, ladies, pages and knights were to pass many a pleasurable hours relaxing and enjoying the wonderful country life, far from the suffocation of war.
The perfect location was in the valley just beyond the walls of Bologna by the banks of the river Reno. Rich arable land at the foot of the Apennine Mountains and the steep chalky slopes so often depicted by Bolognese artists formed the perfect backdrop.
The castle was built on two levels allowing one area to be bathed in light and the other more shaded and cools. The small distance from the Reno canal ensured a plentiful water supply for both the castle and the village that grew up near by.
The castle and the village were self-sufficient and had everything they needed: Plentiful harvests, fisheries, mills, stables, barns, fruit trees and sawmills. [show more...]