Palazzo San Bonifacio is a historic mansion in the center of Padua located between the Basilica of St. Anthony and the the University. It is named after the family of the Counts of San Bonifacio, ancient and noble family originally from Verona. Count Giovanni Francesco bought the property in the second half of 1800 and turned it into his residence in the town of Padua.
The lobby of the Palace is painted and is decorated with busts of famous people. A marble plaque dated from the sixteenth century reports an inscription in Latin concealing a still unsolved mystery, the famous riddle of Aelia Laelia Crispis.
The main staircase is built in Custoza stone. It has a marvellous painted ceiling and hosts the magnificent family tree of the Counts of San Bonifacio Family (5 x 8 m) painted on canvas in the eighteenth century. [show more...]