Villa Conti Cipolla represents one of the finest examples of XIX century Art Nouveau architecture which can be found in the Nothern area of the Mantua province, called Alto Mantovano. Built around the middle 19th century, it belonged to the Ceola family, from the Noble Order of Verona. In the 1990s it was rediscovered and, after 5 years of careful restoration, recovered its ancient splendour.
Inside the Villa, various sceneries can be found different from each other; in fact the accurate restoration not only brought the wonderful frescoed rooms back to their ancient splendour, where once parties and banquets were hosted, but also recreated meticulously the enchanted atmosphere of the mansion houses of yore.
Ideally, the Villa can be divided into two areas; the first one is composed of spaces once assigned to the management of the fields pertaining to the
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