Prince del Drago commisioned Architect Busiri Vici to design the Villa surrounded by a park of four hectares. The relationship between the del Drago family and Spanish royalty is recognizable in the Villa’s style of arches and interior patio.
At the end of the 70’s, the rooms of the Villa were redecorated by Marco Gobbi, keeping them in theme with the environment. The ancient busts representing Roman emperors and the neoclassical furniture arranged in the spacious halls make Villa Quintili a rare jewel, set in the Roman “Appia Antica”.
Villa Quintili prides itself with the highest standards of catering to ensure an impeccable event, and on request engages in the performance of internationally accredited chefs. Care and quality is meticulous from coffee breaks of
business meetings to receptions of 1000 guests. At Villa Quintili each event is special and unique. [show more...]