A short distance from the historic center of Bassano del Grappa, set like a rare jewel between the splendid cities of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, immersed in a fabulous garden which is a masterpiece of harmony, the residence represents the perfect refuge for those who want an event that combines elegance, refinement and a touch of uncompromising exclusivity. Splendid example of an 18th century noble palace, surrounded by one of the most evocative centuries-old parks in the Vicenza area, home for years to important botanical and floral events and which includes over 1300 trees, more than one hundred different species of plants, numerous centuries-old specimens and a area designated as a rose garden, Villa Giusti del Giardino offers a setting of incomparable beauty. Every detail of the villa, from its majestic facades to the large and airy rooms, tells a story of splendor and nobility whose choice means embracing a legacy of elegance and good taste, transforming the event into an extraordinary event, and creating indelible memories that they will last forever.
Villa Giusti del Giardino offers personalized and high quality services, managed by expert professionals ready to make every wish come true. From the planning of gourmet menus to the choice of the most beautiful flowers for decorations, every detail will be taken care of with the utmost attention to guarantee an impeccable experience of unique luxury.
Every moment spent at Villa Giusti del Giardino will be a precious memory, made unforgettable by the magical atmosphere and the excellence of the services offered, to be experienced in one of the most fascinating and prestigious locations in Italy, in the name of luxury and refinement.