A villa, a castle, quite a sight.
Every guest, through the gate, will have the perception of one world and different, to live in a perhaps forgotten feeling: the charm of the time.
The white marble of Villa Lattuada reflected in a thousand shades, the changing sky airy Brianza valley.
The park, romantic, secular and huge, great for walks, breakfasts to elegant, to parties to be organized in the open air or in the halls illuminated by candles.
The rooms of the Villa speak the same language serene and luminous of its meadows, decorations reminiscent of the flowers of the border and the leaves of the beech trees, the colors are soft pastels, light enters the light from all sides and shines salt, precious wood floors and stairways .
Here you can dream and realize the wedding of fairy tales, the important dinner, business meeting, the dejeuner sur l'herbe, the setting for some spectacular photographs, the exciting video background.