The estate of Monsoglio, with its late sixteenth century villa, has been the property of the Florentine family Da Cepperello Pasquali since 1884. The original nucleus of the villa, realized in the mid 1570s, was constructed on the remains of a hospital sponsored by the Peruzzi family. The villas plan is centered on the great entrance stairwell attributed to Buontalenti, who is documented as working in the region between 1573-74. The interior of the villa was decorated completely with frescoes by Atanasio Bimbacci and his workshop.
Owned today by Gianluca and Marina Mosiici, descendents of the nobile family, the estate is in a pristine state of condition due to the restoration campaign that was performed onsite under the Soprintendenza dei beni artistici ed architettonici of the province of Arezzo between 2005 to 2011. Concerned with a complete renovation of the villa and its grounds, the restoration team returned the estate to its original splendor. Work on the interior included conservation of the early seventeenth-century frescoes, while restoration of the exterior extended to the estates Italian-style garden, with its tree-lined entrance road and graceful chapel, which is filled with paintings by the Marchese Francesco da Cepperello Pasquali, the grandfather of the current owner.
The villa today:
Villa Monsoglio is a magnificent location for weddings and other events immersed in the Tuscan countryside just a short distance from Arezzo. The estate already has been used as a theatrical set for the 1996 film, Il Ciclone, directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni, and it is often photographed and filmed by artists for its uniqueness and beauty. The villas refined and historically-rich interior, stupendous gardens, and other exterior spaces.