Villa Tiepolo Passi

Luxury villa - Carbonera (Treviso), sec.XVI

XVI secolo

The unique and fascinating atmosphere of Villa Tiepolo Passi reflects the great love and passion of its owners, the Conti Passi di Preposulo family, who continue to live in this historic residence. History and memory are seamlessly united with the present, creating an exquisite picture of a lifestyle known as the civiltà di villa.
Today Villa Tiepolo Passi offers visitors the opportunity to experience the hospitality of villa culture in magnificently restored buildings located throughout the grounds of the villa.
The Tesa dei Tiepolo, a centuries-old farmhouse immersed in the verdant landscape of the estate, combines historic charm with modern comforts and provides the perfect setting for birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, company meetings, gala dinners, exhibitions and cultural events.
The Stables and Coach House continue to reflect the refined efficiency of an era in which aesthetic beauty went hand in hand with practicality. A magnificent space, it is particularly suitable for daytime or evening events or meetings.
A spacious flat, overlooking the river and a landscape of ancient alders, oaks and hedgerows, provides a relaxing retreat for guests wishing to experience the unique hospitality of villa life.

Meetings at Villa Tiepolo Passi take place in appliances of the Villa : Carriage House, Historic Stables and Tesa dei Tiepolo , in the farm.
The center of the Villa, Palace Dominicale , park and ancestral family chapel are open only to guided tours: visitors love the special beauty of the environments and the stories that characterize them .
The visits can be organized ad hoc (20 to 90 minutes, in different languages, also accompanied by the owners) before or after the meeting.
The cost ranges from 8 to 15 euro per person (interpreters not included).

Quality Certification

latest release: 31 March 2016

In order to ensure the high standards required, the selection criteria adopted by the Certification Commission are very strict and also include:

  • more than 124.883 Club Members' suggestions and recommendations
  • scores obtained during anonymous Quality Control inspections
  • renovations quality
  • presence of elements of historical, artistic and cultural relevance
  • rooms' intimacy and exclusivity
  • notoriety, online reviews, references from certified partners
  • advertisement and information pack (website, brochures, catalogues, etc...)
  • reception service and customization level

Latest release date: 31 March 2016

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Villa Tiepolo Passi Address and contact

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Via Brigata Marche 24


Alberto Passi

Phone number

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Villa Tiepolo Passi Services & amenities

  • Tastings: At the end of the guided tours a tasting of our quince products.
  • Car parking
  • External capacity 250
  • Internal capacity 300: seating capacity: 300 peple
  • Plenary hall capacity 200: seating capacity: 200 people
  • Event or banquet halls 4: Tesa dei Tiepolo: 2 rooms; Stables: 1 room; Coach House: 1 room

Technical equipment
  • Flip chart
General services
  • Air conditioning
  • People with disabilities
Hospitality and accommodation
  • Apartments
  • Rooms

Restaurant and food services
  • Internal catering
  • Guided tours - Groups: every day - 8,00 per person. Individual tours: on Sundays at 11.00 am - 10,00 per person. Advance bookin necessary

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