Wedding Nettuno

  • Il Castello Borghese

    Castle, sec.XVII - Rome

    A luxuriant Natural Reserve full of orange trees, palms, and centuries-old pines that overlook the waters that softly lap Promontorium Veneris, loved by the witch Circe. And this is ... continua

    Location: Nettuno


    Quality Certification
    latest release: 14 February 2019

  • Parco delle Nazioni

    Medieval castle, sec.XV - Rome

    The exclusive estate of "Borgo di Torre Guidaccia - Parco delle Nazioni" in Rome,is an old house that belonged to the noble Florentine family of Guidaccia Counts and later ... continua

    Distance from Nettuno: circa 38 km


    Quality Certification
    latest release: 04 September 2019

  • Villa Tuscolana

    Luxury villa, sec.XVI - Rome

    Lovely noble house of 500, finely painted, Italian architectural treasure, Villa Tuscolana is the ideal location to turn a dream into reality. Set amidst the scenic landscape scenery ... continua

    Distance from Nettuno: circa 39 km


    Quality Certification
    latest release: 12 July 2019

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Historic houses for holiday Nettuno

  • Villa Spalletti Trivelli
    Luxury villa, sec.XX
    Rome - from Nettuno about 51 km

    Of all the boutique hotels in Rome, Villa Spalletti Trivelli is the paradigm, perfectly placed to experience the Eternal City. Relax in a century-old, opulent city retreat, formerly ...

Luxury locations for meeting Nettuno

  • Villa Tuscolana
    Luxury villa, sec.XVI
    Rome - from Nettuno about 39 km

    Historic House nestles on the slopes at the gates of Rome, Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana is a prestigious setting where you can organize Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Weddings and ...


Only 1 in 100 obtains this Seal

A higher-level certification reserved to higher-level historic residences: 100 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases, 3 months of evaluation. To date, only 105 historic residences out 7857 candidates have got the title of "Historic House of Excellence" and have entered by right the collection of the best Italian historic houses.

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The real secret for a memorable wedding

Find out why

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