The structure known as "San Salvatore Abbey" consists of a fortified farmhouse that dates back to the eleventh century, so finely made to have deserved the protection of the National Cultural Heritage.
The charm of its history, of the interior rooms and walls made of limestone blocks, the large outdoor space with ten hectares of parkland, the strategic position overlooking the Ionian Sea between Basilicata and Puglia, thirty minute from the Sassi di Matera, are rediscovered together today to offer an elegant and picturesque location for weddings, events and meetings.
The refined cuisine mixes together the typical Mediterranean taste with the sapience of the greatest Italian chefs, everything is made in line with the delicate and refined style proper of San Salvatores identity.
To set up a perfect ceremony it is necessary to have a long experience and the right professionals; this is why a team of experts is at our guests disposal to program everything in details, from the flower decorations to the wedding cake passing from the music and whatever is in your desire.
San Salvatore Abbey mingles all the ingredients needed to make your wedding day an unforgettable one.