Immersed in the lush Venetian countryside and set on the spire of a majestic bend that pushes the river Livenza, Villa Correr Agazzi is a spectacular patrician residence of the seventeenth century.
The Villa, which architecturally recalls the Fondaco House typical of Venetian merchants, is characterized by the presence of a large Barchessa with Portego and an ancient granary that flanks the body of the structure to the east. All around, the vigorous embrace of a wonderful secular park of almost three hectares adorned with valuable tall trees that wedge between the sunny glades and fragrant patches of roses. Charm, suggestion and great versatility are the key words of this enchanting location, which is certainly one of the most exclusive and refined frames to celebrate the most beautiful day of life.
The outdoor and indoor spaces of Villa Correr Agazzi offer a wide choice of solutions for a high level reception. [show more...]