Immersed in the lush Venetian countryside and set on the spire of a majestic bend that pushes the river Livenza, Villa Correr Agazzi is a spectacular patrician residence of the seventeenth century.
The Villa, which architecturally recalls the Fondaco House typical of Venetian merchants, is characterized by the presence of a large Barchessa with Portego and an ancient granary that flanks the body of the structure to the east. All around, the vigorous embrace of a wonderful secular park of almost three hectares adorned with valuable tall trees that wedge between the sunny glades and fragrant patches of roses. Charm, suggestion and great versatility are the key words of this enchanting location, which is certainly one of the most exclusive and refined frames to celebrate the most beautiful day of life.
The outdoor and indoor spaces of Villa Correr Agazzi offer a wide choice of solutions for a high level reception.
In the shade of the monumental trees of the large park, you can find space for everything related to the initial phase of the reception: from appetizers to starters, up to the dessert buffet or the traditional cutting of the cake, which can be made even more fascinating by the spectacular lights that illuminate the green vault from below. The Portego, with its 300 square meters, that can accommodate up to 250 people, is the ideal location for the banquet itself: the ancient materials of value and the fine finishes enhance the charm, while the characteristic flooring in Euganean trachyte stone and the seventeenth-century beamed ceiling give the environment a warmth and a very special allure.
Overlooking the Portego, the "Malvasia", the ancient cellar of the Villa: an intimate and welcoming environment that is well suited for a finger food or distillate tasting or for the final “confettata”. Upstairs, the beautiful covered and air-conditioned room offers a safe haven in case of unfavorable weather conditions and, with its warm complementary environments such as the Living Room and the Salottino della Sposa, offers a valid alternative to the banquet in the Portego.
The huge park is the perfect setting for the initial stage of the reception as the welcome drink and appetizers, which find in this vast green area their ideal location. But it is also the most evocative setting for ritual photographs, with its ancient and precious tall trees among which stand out Negundo Maples, Ginko Biloba, Pawlonie, Magnolie, Tilias, Horse Chestnusts, lush Alders and beautiful Elms, which with their majestic foliage surround the northern perimeter of the Villa, a favorite refuge of green peaks, turtledoves, jays, blackbirds and small birds of prey.
And finally, the lovely back garden with independent access can be the backdrop to the most special moments of the reception, such as the arrival of the bride and groom with a personalized welcome on the notes of a waltz and champagne or the ritual launch of the bride's bouquet.
The Villa hosts only one event at a time, an essential condition to ensure the highest quality of services and an exclusive reception, unique and truly memorable.