A little jewel nestled in the peaceful and fertile countryside that surrounds Milan. Cascina al Pozzo originally was the stable of an old Lombard hamlet, and was built between the XVIII and the XIX century. Nowadays it still preserves its old charm and its sweet and tender atmosphere, even though it is very close to the most developed and modern Italian city.
The warm and cosy atmosphere that characterises its rooms and the magic of its lovely garden make this building the ideal location for and exclusive and unforgettable wedding. Cascina al Pozzo is, in fact, the perfect place to celebrate the best day of your life in a familiar and rustic environment, without renouncing the elegance and the class of a historic residence that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. If you cross its threshold, you will enter a fabulous dimension, thanks to the endless greenery around and a languid stillness that surrounds the entire building and turns it into a peaceful and magical oasis.
The heart of the Cascina is its wonderful garden, full of fragrances, colours and secret corners. In the main courtyard, where small olive trees frame the old well, the bride and the groom can host, as in a warm living room, their guests to start the welcome aperitif, or toast the fulfilment of their love dream with the typical wedding-cake cutting, illuminated by candles, which from the grass gently climb up to reach the starry sky. With regard to the wedding banquet, Cascina al Pozzo offers the bride and the groom a wide range of rooms, ideal for any kind of setting up. From the two halls at the ground floor, the Sala Camino (Fireplace Hall) and the Sala Torchio (Press Hall), ideal for the cosiest receptions, to the evocative Sala da Ballo (Dance Hall), with its beam ceiling, at the first floor, where once there was the old barn. The most spacious one is the Sala Affresco (Fresco Hall), in the other wing of the ancient barn, characterised by a beam ceiling as well and with a view of the garden.
Cascina al Pozzo hosts only one reception per day, which can be customised and overseen in every detail thanks to the highly professional catering staff that can be required by the bride and the groom at their complete discretion. The decoration of the rooms, the menu, the impeccable service and the evocative frame of this wonderful historic residence will turn the most beautiful day of your life into a magical daydream that you will keep in your heart and soul forever.