Borgo al Pozzo built between the late 1700s and early 1800s is an integral part of the ancient Castellazzo di Rho located a few kilometers from Milan. The strategic position near the Milan-Rho Exhibition Center makes it easily and quickly reachable.
The green area that surrounds it protects it from the traffic and noise of the city, leading the guest who goes through the front door to immerse themselves in a bucolic atmosphere, losing contact with the outside world. Its characteristic quadrilateral structure around the central courtyard makes the environment intimate and welcoming, avoiding the dispersion of guests, who are naturally inclined to share the important and convivial moments that take place and improvise during the event.
The rustic atmosphere of wood and exposed brick blends harmoniously with a refined renovation of the interiors, allowing you to host rustic and elegant events.
Unlike structures that develop in width, risking that the same party is distributed in different points of the Location, shifting the attention from the celebrated, Borgo al Pozzo is spread over two floors overlooking the ancient barns on the internal courtyard. Precisely this is the magical ingredient that recalls an Elizabethan theater in which all the participants, actors and spectators were an active part of the performance.
The use of different environments, the ease of movement within them and participation in every moment of the event make the party convivial and dynamic.
Borgo al Pozzo is a Location suitable for any type of event, private and corporate, and for all ages of the participants, as it is cozy, safe and flexible in the organization of the spaces.
The Location provides the spaces and collaborates with external Catering for the catering service.