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Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort

300 years of history

“Do you know what is life? Yours and mine? A dream made in Sicily. Maybe we are still there and dreaming”. The words of Leonardo Sciascia reveal the beauty of Sicily, a rugged and opulent land, full of great contrasts and strong suggestions, the homeland of the ancient Greek gods. A love dream that finds its authentic fulfilment in Marsala, a town scattered with gold and sea, where everything is wonder and, on a panoramic hill recalling its former use of residence and fort, the house of one of the oldest and noblest Italian families rises up. From here, you can admire Marsala, Mozia, Riserva dello Stagnone, the Aegadian Islands, and the fantastic old hamlet of Erice.
Living the most important day of your life in a charming and evocative location, being part of a never-ending story, is a dream that in Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort can come true. Everything, from the Sicilian blinding landscapes to the eternal beauty of a shimmering sea, and food and wines produced directly within the building, characterized by history and elegance, creates an unforgettable wedding, were you will be the protagonists. The legendary Sicilian hospitality, along with the excellence of the place, give life to a unique, elegant, and exclusive ceremony.
The Giardino Belvedere (Belvedere Garden) offers a charm typical of luxuriant nature, and surrounds the guests with the insular Mediterranean fragrance that, as Renzo Barbera says, is the print of a kiss that God gave people when he created the world. A green lawn surrounded by an oasis of palms gives the guests the chance to taste fresh Sicilian drinks, granitas, and fruit, in front of a unique panorama. From the garden you have access to Terrazza Mandragola (Mandrake Terrace), also called del Gattopardo (Leopard’s), as a tribute to Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, one of the greatest writers born in this wonderful land: hectares of vast countryside, historic vineyards were Marsala wine is produced, Phoenician salt mines, an impeccable dinner sealed by a toast in the sunset, maybe drinking the “delicate nectar” produced by Baglio itself… You cannot imagine a more perfect place than this for your wedding day!
And the ecstasy continues in Sala della Mandragola (Mandrake Hall), dedicated to the newlyweds as its name suggests, given that this plant was used to bring about fertility. This hut-roofed spacious room hosts refined wedding banquets worthy of a such exclusive scenario. In the garden of the historic Court, every detail is sublime: in a triumph of jasmines, roses, mint, locusts, and mulberries, in the shadow of the crenelated Tower and surrounded by the eighteenth-century cornices of the house, an open-air wedding, delighted by the chef’s works of art, is everything you can desire. To complete the charm of this piece of heaven, there is the historic well of Arabian inspiration. In addition, valuable details, such as the preparation of the dragée table, the Tableau de Mariage, and custom options, to organize an unforgettable and unique wedding, in a delightful and endless atmosphere of splendour.

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Golden Crown

In order to ensure the high standards required, the selection criteria adopted by the Certification Commission are very strict and also include:

  • More than 161.454 Club Members' suggestions and recommendations
  • Scores obtained during anonymous Quality Control inspections
  • Renovations quality
  • Presence of elements of historical, artistic and cultural relevance
  • Rooms' intimacy and exclusivity
  • Notoriety, reviews, references from certified partners
  • Advertisement and information pack (website, brochures, catalogues, etc...)
  • Reception service and customization level

On 19 July 2022 Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort has obtained the approval of the Certification Commission and confirmed the award of the prestigious Residenze d'Epoca Golden Crown. Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort has successfully passed all 50 periodic Quality Controls required by the Certification Protocol for the Golden Crown classification level.

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Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort


Contrada Baronazzo Amafi, 8 - 91025 Marsala





Opening period

Tutto l'anno

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Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort is regularly registered in the Italian Register of Historic Houses of Excellence
Latest release: 20 January 2022
Ref. Certification Protocol: 9284/020.22

Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort


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  • Facilities

    Preparation for ceremony

    Car parking

    Swimming pool

    Fireplace room

  • Events

    External capacity 400

    Plenary hall capacity 350

    Event or banquet halls 5

  • Technical equipment

    Sound system


    Projector display

    Video projector

  • General services

    Animation for children

    Air conditioning

    Internet access

    Wi-fi internet connection

    People with disabilities

    Rent with driver

    Valet parking

    Civil ceremony

    Print service

    Babysitting service

  • Hospitality and accommodation

    Rooms 49

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    Internal catering

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    Personalized menu

    Open bar


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Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort


Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort

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