A wedding reception in an original and splendid setting, or a business event, a gala dinner or a concert… The stables and park with its architecture, the Italian-style garden, the avenues and the lawns will be the perfect backdrop for every occasion.
The stables were built and inaugurated by Count Luigi Bichi Borghesi in 1890.
We have carried out limited restoration and conservation work in the stables because they were already in very good condition. The three large rooms are all surmounted by groin vaults. Delicate Montagnola Senese marble mangers and white travertine columns embellish the room that was used as the actual stable. On the delicately decorated walls, imitation wall panelling created using the trompe l’oeil technique protected the walls against kicks from the horses, and the stalls once used for the best horses are now used as a cloakroom. [show more...]