In the peacefulness of the Roman countryside, an ancient Borgo greets its guests in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.
Surrounded by luscious parks, although only twenty minutes away from the centre of Rome, the Borgo della Merluzza lies in the very heart of the Bosco di Baccano estate. Its name originates from a legendary tale in which a young blackbird trapped within the Borgo tower would sing its sweet melodies on nights of the full moon. Legend has it that such chants may still be heard as of today, and are interpreted as a sign of good omen.
Also praised by the poet Gioacchino Belli, the Borgo used to be an ancient transit station for those travelling on the Via Cassia and was particularly renowned in the Middle Ages for its tavern Tor Merluzza. Today the estate extends itself over an area of 20 hectares of green landscapes and secular parks which include a tennis court, a riding ground with its stables and an outdoor swimming pool that is heated in the winter season.
The estates gardens are a perfect setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies and festivities, and can welcome up to 180 guests during the summer season. The imposing Merluzza tower overlooks the master villa that can accommodate from 50 to 180 guests in its four banquet halls adorned with ancient fireplaces and elegant furnishings.
The Borgo Della Merluzza partners with the most renowned caterers in Italy, and provides a fully equipped kitchen of 300 m2. The estate is a perfect venue for meetings, conventions and private parties; the villas two suites and eight mini-suites supply additional comfort for overnight residents or guests. Moreover, the property grounds offer ample parking space for up to 300 vehicles.