The most beautiful day of your life deserves a location that can fulfil your dreams. You can turn yourself into a princess. A dream that comes true in one of the oldest and biggest castles of Europe: Castelbrando. Nestled in the heart of the Prosecco Hills, the perfect auspicious symbol of happiness, this majestic castle, between Venice and the Dolomites, towers over Valmareno, and represents one of the most impressive examples of Italian historical and artistic heritage redevelopment, so that it was the international seat of the first G8 agriculture meeting in 2009.
At Castelbrando you come into contact with two thousand years of history, and imagine the multiple eminent figures that visited this place. It was built during the Roman period as a castrum, military camp, and during the Middle Ages it represented an impregnable fortress built by local people to protect themselves against Magyars’ invasions. [show more...]