“A magical castle in a desert region”. With these words, the archaeologist Antonio Nibby described, in 1848, Castello dei Chigi, the spectacular seventeenth-century villa that majestically dominates over the luxuriant foliage of the pines in Castel Fusano.
The villa was built between 1624 and 1629, thanks to the Cardinal Giulio Sacchetti, who “for the air mitigated by the sea, and the abundant and noble game of the near forests”, decided to move here his country house. The residence is nestled in the heart of the so called Agro Laurentino, in the middle of a clearing obtained by a formerly wild and uncontaminated area. The work of restoration of the building, which originally was a semi-destroyed fortress, was carried out by Girolamo Rainaldi, the trusted architect of the Sacchetti, a noble Florentine family. [show more...]