The Castle, which is located in the countryside of Bordonchio, was built at the behest of Count Pietro Spina in the nineteenth century, tracing the foundations of an ancient medieval castle dating back approximately to the eleventh century.
The residence was purchased in 1917 by the Benelli family and still today it is a fascinating location not only for its architecture, but also for the greenery of the maritime pines by which it is surrounded, which in a not too distant time extended from the countryside up to reach the sea.
The exterior is perfect for open air events and has a great scenographic impact in a historical-artistic context in harmony with the naturalistic context. The imposing stables help to fascinate the visitor and take us back to ancient times and noble life.
It is also possible to set up part of the event indoors. The rooms have all been frescoed differently and recently restored both the ceilings and the walls.