There are places where your soul, rocked by beauty, recovers itself and revives brighter and stronger than ever. Places where you can touch the infinity and lose yourself in the most authentic splendour. One of them is Castello degli Angeli, nestled in an enchanted – almost magical – nature, and located on a hill from where you can admire the entire valley of Bergamo and enjoy an extraordinary view.
Obtained from an old monastery, this wonderful castle have been inhabited for three centuries by the Carmelite friars. A long and accurate work of restoration has unveiled beautiful frescos that illuminate the prestigious Halls, where you can fully experience the fulfilment of your love dream. In the castle, a soft alternation of wisely distributed interiors and exteriors gives the chance to organize celebrations in every season of the year. For an exclusive and unforgettable open-air reception, the newlyweds can benefit from three wonderful parks, characterized by luxuriant and joyful nature: Parco del Cedro (Cedar Park), named after the majestic bicentennial cedar tree, which dominates the park itself with its magnificence; Parco degli Ulivi (Olive Tree Park) and Parco Piscina (Pool Park), adorned with a fantastic colonnade: the perfect scenario for the final toast and the fateful wedding-cake cutting under the stars. In the inside, Sala dello Stemma (Emblem Hall) and Sala degli Affreschi (Fresco Hall) are the ideal places to organize a very elegant, cosy, and romantic banquet, which will make the newlyweds feel as the protagonists of a fairy-tale.
From the magnificent Cloister, the perfect example of balance, and the Halls, you have access to the extraordinary nave of the Convent Church, a unique space characterized by an apsis surrounded by niches and a loft, which can hold up to 300 people. The restaurant Barbariccia, annexed to the building, consists of two rooms, which were formerly used as stables, and has a view of Parco Piscina. This facility exclusively uses only house raw materials, in order to give the dishes an exceptional taste, accompanied by the famous wine produced by the company itself.
In addition, in the castle, the bride and the groom, and their guests can stay in luxury rooms and suites. In this wonderful and prestigious residence, the magnificence of history and charm of modernity coexist in a perfect harmony: note the sinuosity with whom Parco della Piscina surrounds Tempio di Dionisio 43 (Dionysus’ Temple 43), where dances and balls reflect themselves in the water. Every detail at Castello degli Angeli is disposed to make the wedding a perfect and unforgettable day, and turn it into an indelible memory of your heart.