Ettore castle is located north of the entrance to the old town. It is a large building that has undergone transformations over the centuries. It dominates the whole town and in fact all the main alleys lead to its square: this strategic position was a feature of the castles, because the feudal lord watched over the town from above. Over the years, Ettore castle has been transformed into the Municipal House, the Carabinieri Barracks, the Elementary School, the Fascio headquarters, the Historical Museum with Library. Today it can be admired, at least in part, in its entire splendour thanks to a restructuring project implemented by the Municipality. It is believed that the fortress dates back to the 9th century and that it has Norman origins. Despite this title, inside it is possible to find a votive chapel of Lombard origins. Originally, the castle had four towers (today only two are left), providing the Apicesi with an enviable military defensive outpost. [show more...]