An enchanted castle to celebrate your love dream and to turn the best day of your life into the most beautiful fairy tale. This is Cavernago Castle’s promise. This building is a wonderful Renaissance manor house, nestled in the soft and green plain of Bergamo. It was built between the XVI and the XVII century on the ruins of a thirteenth-century group of houses, then it was restored by the Gonzaga family from Vescovato, the current owners for more than sixty years.
You can just cross the threshold to feel like a princess. The romantic entrance is the ideal royal pathway for the bride and the groom, with the beautiful St. Mark’s Church in front of the castle, which majestically dominates the valley with its giant gate on whose top there is a marble eagle. Walking through the path, you arrive at the lovely square court, which is totally covered with frescos and dominated by an old black marble well, streaked in white: the perfect support for the wedding-cake cutting. [show more...]