Nestled in the heart of the quiet and verdant Vercelli plain, the Castle of Desana is a mighty manor whose origins date back to the year one thousand. A majestic structure, which proudly flaunts its ancient pride thanks to the massive facade dominated by two towers, which watch over what once was a border fortress, protagonist of many battles. In the nineteenth century the castle became the home of the Rosazza family, who made it home to important works of art still present especially in the Salone del Camino, where valuable paintings, tapestries and masterpieces of the era are preserved.
Today this superb Castle opens its doors to all those spouses who wish to celebrate their wedding in an exclusive, prestigious and full of charm location. It is precisely for them that the Salone delle Capriate is born, a refined and harmonious room created in a wing of the Castle by an ancient 19th century girder. The Salone delle Capriate, which gracefully combines modern needs with the grace of antique architecture, can accommodate up to 180 people seated in a single room, while the adjacent dehor allows you to double the capacity and have a space for aperitifs and dancing in the outdoor.
As a background to this evocative location, there is a large and wonderful park taken care in every detail: from the beautiful roses that in May start giving off their wrapping and romantic scent in the air, to the velvety English lawn carpet. The perfect setting for an elegant and charming outdoor reception, to live the most beautiful day involved in a dreamlike atmosphere between history and magic. Annexed to the Castle you can find the Agricultural holding Tenuta Castello, the Oryza Riso & Risotto restaurant specialized in rice dishes, which is the product par excellence of the Vercelli countryside, and a comfortable b&b with 8 rooms, obtained from the renovation of the old stables, which will be a welcome solution for those guests who want to also carve out a moment of relaxation in an oasis of peace and beauty.