The first time that the castle is named in the history is in 1258 when family Savorgnan gave back this to the patriarca di Montelungo, after was of count of Gorizia and then to count of Codroipo.
In 1912 the castle was buyed by Count Francesco Rota. Her daughter Giuliana married Duke Mario Badoglio and the sons still live inside.
The present building hightlights the tipical characteristics of its evolution from fortress to 17th century villa with garden. It has a L shaped layout and still retains a few architectural features of its ancient origins, such has the gatehouse and the moat, which are reminiscent of its medioeval appearance.
The castle is surrounded by a charming English park ,with secular trees, with islands and wooden bridges that cross over the clear karst spring of the River Stella and is a perfect romantic place for weddings . [show more...]