Land of memories, Limatola. Land of passage for wandering people, armies, and mercenaries. Land of Samnites, bellicose and proud people, that humiliated the fearless Romans. Land full of charm, legends, and history. A history proudly being preserved by its noble ensign: the Norman Castle, which, as a careful sentinel, dominates the old hamlet and watches over the entire valley where the river Volturno flows. Its favourable position has represented one of the most important defensive strongholds in the history of this territory, which has testified to the passage of eminent figures like Charles I of Anjou and Garibaldi.
Today, following the redevelopment project concluded in 2010, and carried out with dedication and care by the Sgueglia family, the current owners of the old fortress, Castello di Limatola represents a prestigious historic, artistic, and cultural attraction, and the ideal location to celebrate a royal wedding. [show more...]