In the magic of the Tortonesi Hills, in a soft alternation of cultivated fields, vineyards, and orchards, there is a fairy-tale place, where the atmosphere of a sumptuous past exists, along with the nowadays comforts and excellence. Castello di Montegioco is a wonderful fortress, built during the second half of the XVII century. It has belonged to different noble families: Malaspina, Opizzoni, and Busseti. During the ’80, the Rossi family bought it, and restored it under the protection of Belle Arti, which has preserved its uniqueness and beauty. Nowadays the castle shines again and reveals its treasures for selected celebrations. The immense centuries-old park, that covers 35,000 square metres, scattered with very old hydrangeas, surrounds the Castle and is decorated with a beautiful stone fountain, in a breath-taking triumph of trees and flowers: the ideal scenario to organize parties and banquets under the stars, and spectacular photo shoots. The interiors of the building show their magnificence. For example, the spacious Salone dei Ricevimenti (Reception Hall) is poetic and evocative, with its cotto floor and bricks, or the superb Sala delle Armature (Armour Hall), decorated with huge windows, which makes you feel a king or a queen for one day and organize a sumptuous banquet. The soft colours match the elegance of furniture, and the golden light of interiors harmoniously accompanies the opulence of the gardens, in order to turn Castello di Montegioco into the ideal location for an extremely refined and romantic wedding. Moreover, the building offers the old private chapel, where you can celebrate your rite. In a harmonious never-ending succession of interiors and exteriors available for the bride and the groom, there is an English garden studded with rattan seats and marble tables, the charming court with arches and frescos, adorned with the gaze of old statues, the elegant swimming pool, and the careful hospitality that really makes you feel at home: the wonderful rooms, adorned with original frescos and furniture, are in the building and the annexe; of course, they are available for the newlyweds and those guests that need their privacy and a certain tranquillity during an extremely exciting day. The castle is located between Turin, Milan, and Genoa, and its charm is a call to enjoy the seducing combination of elegance and cosiness in a dream-like place.