The austere profile, solid walls, a moat still overflowing of water bring back through the centuries.
Documented already in the early IX century, in 1453, the castle became the possession of the family Marazzani from Rimini, ancestors of actual owner, Pettorelli's family.
In ' 400 take the conformation of the elegant fortress with a wide farmyard, preserving the Church of Santa Maria, a Greek cross plan and columns of Roman origin.
Today, the Manor House, is an organic farm, orchard-garden with ancient varieties, petting zoo and location of ancient fruits, prestigious event linked to the cultivation of the land.
The Castello di Paderna is a renowned and elegant location for various events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, banquets, ceremonies or festivities of various kinds.
Customers have the possibility to book the castle and choose a catering of their trust or other options.