The ancient Piea castle rises on the monferrato hills, about 15 miles from Asti. According to the style of the vaults in the cellars and the ground-floor and according to the foundations it was erected probably around the years 1000 or during the feudal age anyway. As a stronghold dominating over the neighbouring hills, it changed owner serveral times,after originally belonging to the Fief of the church of Asti; from 1473 till 1809 it was owned by the early Roero who trasformed it into a mansion and gradually demolished the bastion in the years between 1720 and 1750. In 1762 the Galliari brothers big teachers of Trompe l'oeil style decorated the central hall and two others rooms; on the eastern facade of the castle was built a grand double flight staircase from a project of the famous architect Filippo Iuvarra.
Actually the castle of Piea is a charming private residence opened to the public for visits and wedding parties and meetings all the year. [show more...]