Perched on a gentle knoll at about six hundred meters above sea level, the ancient village of Torre Alfina overlooks the whole valley of Acquapendente, in the heart of Tuscia. Here stands the imposing medieval castle whose construction most likely dates back to the 8th century. The manor was first built to defend the territory until, towards the end of the 16th century, the notorious man-of-arms Sforza Monaldeschi della Cervara transformed it into an elegant country residence on the Renaissance model: massive front facades graced by elegant loggias that turn the gaze to a large courtyard with a facing park, while the two wings that open sideways encircle as if they were embracing the intimate reception of this extraordinary period residence. At present, the Castle embodies the ideal location for transforming your wedding day into a memorable and unique event that will remain forever set in everyone's memory. The ancient splendor of the manor, in fact, lives again in its stunning interior halls pregnant with charm, mystery and magic. There are many spaces made available to guests: from the Billiard Room, perfect for entertaining guests or recreating a liquor area, to the Renaissance-style Salon, characterized by an imposing fireplace and precious fabrics that can become a charming cigar corner or rum and chocolate tasting. All the way to the elegant inner courtyard, perfect for the welcome aperitif, and the elegant and well-kept Italian gardens, an ideal setting for an exclusive outdoor reception, offering 360-degree views of the breathtaking panoramas of the Umbrian-Tuscan-Lazio countryside. All of this is surrounded by fortified walls, which provide sheer charm and, at the same time, absolute privacy. The interiors are further graced with period furniture, precious stuccoes, marbles and frescoes that will make the reception even more magical in every season. An elegance, that of the Torre Alfina Castle, which is also expressed through the mise en place of the imperial table, which features refined fabrics, refined cutlery, fine china and crystal. All around, the warm and enveloping embrace of the Bosco del Sasseto, which National Geographic has called the "Fairy Tale Forest" or "Snow White's Forest," having once been a dark and wild forest. Today the Bosco del Sasseto, which owes its name to a unique geological substrate formed by an accumulation of lava rock blocks at the foot of the cliff on which the Castle stands, is a Natural Monument owned by the City of Acquapendente, as well as a popular location for tours and nature activities. The Castle, which is provided exclusively to the bride and groom, offers them a range of services including floral arrangements, photography service, musical performers for shows of all kinds, night buffets, fireworks, vintage cars, horse-drawn carriage for the bride and groom, special lighting effects, falconry shows, confetti and availability of three wedding rooms and exclusive bridal suite. All of this is supervised by a top-level team that will take care of every detail to make the most important day of your life an event to be remembered.