The Feudal Castle Ai Nove Merli of Piossasco is an historical house of medieval origin, developed through different historical ages until the present day.
Just 20 km from Turin you will find an enchanting location where living one of the most exciting and unforgettable moments of your life.
The Castle stands in a panoramic position with a breathtaking and charming view from the mountain Monviso to the hill of Turin, Pinerolo and the Susa Valley.
The Castle Ai Nove Merli hosts exclusively a wedding per day by granting the entire complex including the Salone delle Feste, the Loggiato and the Sala Verde ensuring in this way, the uniqueness of the event.
The large park with the garden and spacious terraces is the natural background for an original photo shoot and is perfect for a romantic and fascinating ceremony under the stars .
The Castle Ai Nove Merli is also a location where you can celebrate the civil ceremony both inside and outside. [show more...]