The Italian poet Alfonso Gatto referred to Salerno, his native land, as an “eternal town”. A “town that rises up from the glance of the sea”, he said, and that, during the VIII century, it became the most flourishing cradle of Southern Italy, thanks to the Lombards’ conquest. Above all, Duke Arechi II, a highly-cultured and diplomatic man, gave prestige and new lifeblood to the old Salernum. He did it moving the capital of his dukedom from Benevento to Salerno and turning the majestic Roman-Byzantine manor house, which all alone proudly dominated the entire town, into the impregnable stronghold of his noble feud. Later, the Castle was reshaped more than once by the Normans, Angevins and Aragoneses. But its prestige will always be associated with the figure of Arechi, in fact the building is named after him.
The Castle, which represents one of the few Lombard strongholds in the world, is nestled on Bonadies Hill (“Bonadies” means “Good morning”). This name is due to the fact that at dawn, the Sun rising at east used to illuminate its summit. With its 300 metres above the sea level, the Arechi Castle dominates the entire Gulf of Salerno. The view from here is astonishing: in the southern part there is the Cilento coast, up to Punta Licosa, in the northern part there is the Amalfi Coast. And more: the terraces hanging above the domes and the roofs in the beautiful old town centre, the lights, the colours and the skyline of the administrative centre of the province. A spectacular location, the ideal setting for a real dreamlike wedding.
The wedding reception can be arranged in order to employ the different areas of the castle, giving the banquet a pleasant dynamism. The guests, between a toast and another, can fully experience the museum asset and immerse themselves in the magic that surrounds every corner of this wonderful building. The panoramic viewpoint, along with the unique view that surrounds the entire Gulf of Salerno, is the perfect location for an exclusive and romantic welcome aperitif, when the sun slowly goes down, plunges itself into the sea and turns the crenelated towers pink. Furthermore, the evocative atmosphere in the beautiful Corte delle Armi (Weapon Court) and the sumptuous Salone dei Convivi (Banquet Hall) gives the wedding banquet a unique and unrepeatable charm. And for a real dreamlike ending, the fateful wedding-cake cutting can be arranged on the spectacular panoramic Terrace, which offers a breath-taking view. Here, thanks to a charming night sky, the Castle gives the newlyweds and their guests a vortex of emotions and wonders, which will be kept in their hearts forever.
At Arechi Castle nothing is left to chance during the wedding day. It is possible to organize every single detail to turn the wedding into a really special and unique moment, thanks to the multiple services offered by the company that manages the Arechi Castle, which, according to custom, realizes just one event per day and can host up to 180 people. Its staff will professionally and meticulously take care of everything, customizing the reception according to the newlyweds’ wishes, in order to make it unique and unforgettable in the name of one shared objective: success.