Set in the very heart of the Veneto region and surrounded by the soft embrace of the Prosecco gentle hills, Castello San Salvatore stands tall and solemn, dominating the entire Marca Trevigiana for eight centuries. Its fascinating history is deeply intertwined with that of the noble family of the Collalto Counts, who from 1245 to the present day, from generation to generation, cared for and defended this precious and fecund land with great love, care and dedication. A history, that of Castello San Salvatore, moved by many lives: from an impenetrable medieval fortress to a refined mansion in the Renaissance, to a vibrant literary and artistic salon of European prestige. A magical place, where history, traditions, art, nature and beauty blend together to create a harmonious symphony of emotions and evocative charm. In this fairytale castle, which is one of the most extensive late-medieval complexes in Europe, the 2000's newlyweds will be able to fulfill their dream of love by breathing deeply in every corner the scent of the centuries, and thus transforming the yes day into an unforgettable and magical event that will remain forever impressed in everyone's memory. The Castle is given by Princess Isabella Collalto de Croy, present owner, in complete exclusivity to the newlyweds, who on the most beautiful day of their lives will have the privilege to experience the entire Castle without any time limit and with the exclusive use of all the rooms. No other guests will be allowed in the manor, guaranteeing a private, intimate and authentic luxury atmosphere. The newlyweds will also enjoy a spacious and elegant suite located on the top floor of Palazzo Odoardo, in the heart of the Castle's fortress, for the whole day and for the wedding night. And again, a highly qualified staff, who with professionalism and attention will guide them step by step in order to make the wedding of their dreams come true. Every detail will be painstakingly taken care of: from the layout of the halls to the banquet moments, from the aperitif in the garden to the wedding lunch, including the selection of suppliers, the service schedule, the bridal suite, music and service. Plenty of solutions, both indoor and outdoor, that ensure a fairytale wedding at the Castle: from the large frescoed halls to the charming and refined rooms, through the exquisite hanging terraces and fascinating courtyards adorned with statues, to the stunning Italian garden that unveils a superb panorama full of woods, meadows, vineyards and pastures. Everywhere you look, at Castello San Salvatore, is a breathtaking panorama: a wonderful blend of art, history and nature. All of this is enriched by stylish Venetian-style floors, precious tapestries, precious Murano glass chandeliers and antique furnishings, which combined with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and attentive and customized service will make the "yes" day absolutely magical, memorable and unique.