'Castelnuovo is an enchanted place'...
I think it's just so.
It is for its patina of ancient that it was desired to maintain.
Are not made whit restructuring in order to make it look brand new, but it is preferred to keep it that way, with its wrinkles, but with its original, thanks to continuous treatment that the family has always dedicated over time.
It is for the plants which constitute the majestic garden.
This is the avenue that suddenly, as in a scenario baroque,shows you the castle making you wonder.
It is for the beautiful hills that surround it.
It is because when you turn the lights dimmed or torches all along the battlements, appears as the place of fairy tales where time stands still and everything is possible.

It is because you sit down to watch it and think: 'it's beautiful'!

I would like to give you all that you get married here and all your guests these beautiful feelings.