Nestled in a lovely valley of Bergamo, Convento dei Neveri, rather than a historic house, is a real monument of historic, artistic, and cultural relevance. The convent is characterized by a tambour and a bell tower, and is situated in the area where once the old vicus romano Averga was. It was built in 1480, but actually its history is related to different eras: the Roman period, as the important archaeological recoveries testify; the Middle Age, which is perfectly represented by the former monastery and its beautiful cloister; and the Renaissance, in fact there are many frescos dating back to this period, like The Virgin and Child.
Nowadays, this wonderful artistic and historic jewel is a prestigious location to organize high-level events, and represents the ideal place to celebrate an extraordinary wedding, where past and present harmonically fuse together and give life to a unique and incomparable framework. [show more...]