An enchanted castle of rare elegance that dominates the Adda from a hill. Stories of palace intrigues, beautiful women, cruel struggles for power, and, above all, the famous and noble house of Visconti. Every element affects the fascination performed by Castello Visconteo of Cassano d’Adda, an absolute and fundamental place to visit if you aspire to excellence, and want to turn your wedding day into a magical dream. This building dates back to the XIII century, and shows its solemn gothic style, cotto cornices, and the sumptuous gate decorated with a pointed stone jutting moulding. The walls of the Castle tell about an engaging past: as a privileged place for parties and fun, this castle used to be the main battlefield of Guelfs and Ghibellines, and the focal point of endless wars between families and signorias in order to reign over Milan. Its magnificent rooms have hosted famous guests, including Ludovico il Moro, Gian Galeazzo Visconti, and Leonardo Da Vinci, who lived and studied the birds’ flight in the Tower.
Nowadays, Castello Visconteo, after a majestic work of restoration, which brought to light wonderful frescos of Giottesque influence, is once again the scenario of joyful events, like in 1490, when the wedding between Gian Galeazzo Maria Sforza and Isabella of Aragon was celebrated. Therefore, it represents the ideal location to fulfil your love dream in a prestigious building, following the old traditions that show the way to infinity.
The refined Rooms and the old Halls of Castello Visconteo will turn the wedding banquet into an unforgettable event, while the wonderful courtyard is the ideal place to organize a welcome open-air aperitif with a view of the river, which provides further emotions and magic to this beautiful location. In this prestigious house, dreams can come true, thanks to the professional guidance of Francesca Bellini, the Castle’s director and “Lady of Parties”, and the chef Paolo Franchi. They will help you to organize an exclusive, unique and unforgettable event. The newlyweds can exclusively have the entire Castle at their disposal, to celebrate the wedding day in the elegant and finely-decorated Halls, or in the lovely Courtyard. They can also benefit from the sumptuous rooms and princely suites: a life-changing experience to fill your eyes and heart of that beauty fundamental for your soul. Oscar Wilde used to say that one can resist everything but temptation. And what is better than surrendering to a lovely temptation that will become the most beautiful memory of your life?