Il Fauno located inside the Hotel Parco Borromeo is a refined and elegant restaurant with a large space that blends in with the greenery of the Borromeo Park: a glass and iron structure, equipped with a modern air conditioning system that allows you to enjoy of the beauty of one of the most important historical parks in Lombardy, in any season. The Veranda overlooking the park was designed on the model of the ancient greenhouses that adorned the historic gardens in the 1700s, and is perfectly inserted into the context of the Palace and Park which it overlooks. It is very suggestive to observe the different colors of the seasons from the large windows of the veranda; from the warm and brilliant ones of the hot season, to the soft and even languid ones of the cold one.
Spring with its thousand shades of green and autumn with yellowing leaves are seasons of the year full of charm, even if the winter scenography is incomparable when the snow cover covers the entire Park and the Palace.
The service is strictly Italian (the dishes are prepared in the kitchen and not filled by the waiters in the dining room onto the guest's plate) and this allows us to present a course in the best possible way.
Il Fauno almost always offers menus with an all-inclusive price: it is a very clear way to calculate the cost of a celebration. For us, the definition of all-inclusive indicates holding the party in the best possible conditions without adding other costs.