An oasis of peace in the heart of Milan. It may seem a paradox, but actually it is true. A charming, mysterious, and dreamlike reality that you can experience by crossing the threshold of Chiostri di San Barnaba, an evocative fifteenth-century historic residence, a few steps away from Rotonda della Besana, Sormani Library, and the Duomo square.
Their history starts in 1466, when the first stone was placed in the area that would have hosted the complex of Santa Maria della Pace with its convent, even if a series of troubles caused a thirty years delay to let them open and consecrate the church. In 1805, the complex was confiscated by Napoleon. Between the 19th and 20th centuries, the church and the convent took different paths: the church passed to the nuns of Santa Maria Riparatrice, and to the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem then. The convent passed from the Riformatorio Marchiondi to Prospero Mosè Loria, who turned it into the historic headquarter of the Società Umanitaria.
Nowadays, I Chiostri di San Barnaba, after a careful and respectful restoration to create suitable locations for events, represent an absolutely unique place. In this timeless space, surrounded by an unreal silence, charming atmosphere, and sacral magic, you can breathe the splendour and awesomeness of its troubled history. Just because of its uniqueness, it is the perfect location to celebrate the most romantic day of your life, and preserve it forever in your heart. The complex offers the bride and the groom the opportunity to select the most suitable interiors and exteriors, in order to organize a tailor-made wedding that respects the protagonists desires and wishes. The wonderful Salone degli Affreschi (Fresco Hall), the old refectory of the convent, is characterized by a spectacular fresco that reproduces the theme of the Crucifixion, which was once attributed to Marco D'Oggiono and then to Bernardino Ferrari. The cosy rooms of the restaurant are intentionally furnished according to a sober and essential style, in the name of minimalism. Finally, there is the evocative Sala Bauer (Bauer Hall), the only one that has a private entrance and garden provided with a romantic path that, during any event, can be decorated with lanterns and candles.
The wide Giardino dei Platani (Plane Tree Garden) is the perfect scenario for a welcome aperitif or a buffet reception: a triumph of green, adorned with luxuriant plants, trees, and even an orchard that produces different types of apples. Everything is beautified by two big swimming pools that you can cross through a sumptuous marble platform. And then, the four spectacular Cloisters, that you can select according to the mood of your nuptial banquet. From the beautiful Chiostro delle Statue (Statues Cloister), characterized by a wooden platform in the middle of the garden and two spectacular magnolias, to the elegant Chiostro dei Pesci (Fish Cloister), named after a stone pool that was built in the period of the convent, and where some fish live. The small Chiostro delle Memorie (Memory Cloister), the ideal place to celebrate the cosiest weddings and to arrange ceremonies, and the romantic Chiostro dei Glicini (Wisteria Cloister), characterized by lovely wisteria climbing the portico columns and surrounding the entire internal part of the cloister.