A small royal kiss. This is the final result of the two probable etymologies of Il Basinetto, a noble nineteenth-century residence set among the soft hills of Monferrato whose name derives either from the Piedmontese (basin, small kiss) or from the Greek (basilikòs, regal). Because of its suggestive and strategic position, for the prestige of its location and for the refinement of its many environments, Il Basinetto certainly represents the ideal location for an exclusive, classy and unforgettable wedding.
The structure, which stands on the foundations of a more ancient building of ecclesiastical property dating back to the fourteenth-century, offers a spectacular view that literally takes your breath away: on one side you can see the city of Asti with its fourteenth-century towers, and on the other side, you can admire the valley of the Tanaro river. [show more...]