A luxuriant Natural Reserve full of orange trees, palms, and centuries-old pines that overlook the waters that softly lap Promontorium Veneris, loved by the witch Circe. And this is the charming scenario that surrounds Castello Borghese in Nettuno, an old noble estate built in 1648, according to cardinal Vincenzo Costaguti’s will. This spectacular historic house offers one of the most beautiful and romantic panoramas of Lazio: in fact, the Castle is nestled in a luxuriant Park, where the green of the lawn dives into the blue of the sea. From here, you lose yourself in the magnificence of the Pontine Islands and the charm of the legendary Cape Circeo, to surround the towns of Anzio and Nettuno. Art, history, and nature in one glance: the ideal landscape to turn the wedding day into a dream, which will be engraved on the memory of your heart forever. [show more...]