The Artillery Captain’s castle rises in the gentle and hilly landscape of the Tuscan-Romagna Pre Apennines, near the Castrocaro spa, in the interland of the Adriatic Coast. It is an integral part of the Terra del Sole fortress town, an extremely rare example of an ideal town, wich has been perfectly preserved and which was built by order of Cosimo Ist of the Medici family, in 1564, by the architect Baldassarre Lanci.
The castle on the road from Florence, in Granducato di Toscana, to Forlì, in the Pope State, was the garrison of Florence gate in the fortress town divided, as today too, in Florentine and Roman parties fighting in renaissance dress to get S.Reparata crossbow Palium every first Sunday of September.
Born as a military building the castle shows its saloons with wooden roofs or Felice Giani painted ceilings, the Medicean cellars and the inn where, within ‘700 cupper stills, it’s possible to taste wine and food specialities of the Tuscan-Romagna land.
The original military spaces, salt storages and ancient fishery, are today used for events, conferences and meetings, while from the large terrace just over a huge hanging park, in ancient times a military area supporting the cannon walls and now an orchard of “forgotten fruits”, the lucky guests of the only suite can enjoy the full moon lighting up hills towards Florence.