The noble farmhouse, including its stables and courts, has been gradually renovated and transformed into a cosy receptive environment aimed at retaining the charm of the 19th century.
The oldest part of the edifice, a farm built in 1820 by the counts Guicciardi, is accurate in every detail. Its various rooms are characterized by wooden beams and exposed rocks that preserve the authenticity of the ancient court and create a warm and charming environment. Our spacious bright banquet rooms are adaptable to any kind of event and can accommodate up to 800 guests.
A romantic timeless atmosphere is also offered by 4 private rooms, intended for 2 or more people.
The Hotel includes 28 rooms in style as well as the characteristic Suite of the Counts with its stone fireplace.
To celebrate its long-term activity Regione Lombardia has recently awarded La Brace with the prestigious recognition Storica Attività (Historic Activity).