Set in the heart of the sweet Umbrian countryside, the Fortezza Alta is an exclusive and prestigious historical residence dating back to the 15th century, built on the lush hills surrounding Todi and Amelia, just one hour away from the capital. The imposing structure was built in 1482 to defend the ancient Via Amerina, a trade and pilgrimage road from the Byzantine city of Ravenna to Rome. The contribution of family Vici from Stroncone was decisive, whose memory is still present today in the chapel dedicated to the celebration of weddings and consecrated to the Blessed Antonio Vici.
Here spouses can say the fateful "yes" in a fairy-tale atmosphere, full of charm and history, which will turn the wedding reception into a memorable and unique event. Embraced by majestic olive groves and glittering sunflower fields, the Fortress features a square plan with an inner courtyard and circular towers in French style. [show more...]