Pandolfa is a historic house built in 1700 by the Marquis Albicini Forlì, later bought and restored by the Ricci family-Piscopo current owner. Nestled in the hills of the valley of Rabbi surrounded by 140 hectares of vineyard and winery is also an important reality. Due to its characteristics of beauty and elegance is perfectly suited to host events such as meetings and receptions and is ideal for weddings prestige thanks to the wonderful room on the first floor with the three new rooms adjoining the library, the central hall with four rooms side on the ground floor and the beautiful park, suitable for outdoor events. The property can accommodate from 80 to 150 persons. It also has a brand new swimming pool suitable for cocktails, after dinner or nightclub. It 'also a room with a lounge called "Carducci's room" for the note stay in the villa of the famous poet, and dedicated to the wedding night for those who have the pleasure of staying in a timeless place, rich in history and charm home unique and extraordinary and princesses of noble women.