Villa Litta is one of the most beautiful Baroque residences of the late 1600s. Leave your car in the parking spaces in front of the gate, and start with us on a journey into the past through the long driveway. We be waiting on the porch and we will accompany you in the park behind the villa where appetisers are served with a gazebo and support points. The park is a terrace on the campaign, then your eye can wander towards the green and the hills in a total peace of mind. If the weather is not favorable or if you choose a winter month, the drink can be served in the rooms on the ground floor: entrance hall of Apollo, the hall of the angels and the fireplace room and with their frescoes and antique furniture are ideal for the first greeting to your guests. At the end of the aperitif, we walk along the grand staircase to reach the ballroom on the first floor that can accommodate up to 170 guests. You can now decide whether to enter the lunch or dinner always on the first floor, with the dessert buffet in the dining winter or if return in the park for the cutting of the cake under a blanket of stars.