A magnificent thirteenth-century Cistercian Abbey which originated, where it produces the best quality rice, is also an unusual and elegant venue for various events such as weddings, conferences and tasting.
If you want to set their wedding in an unconventional place, different from the classical stately villa, the Principato di Lucedio worth a visit. This Cistercian Abbey, located in the province of Vercelli, has a history spanning nine centuries and is now placed inside a farm that is spread over an area of five hectares, within a regional park. Lucedio was founded in 1123 by Cistercian monks on the grounds of the Marquis Ranieri di Monferrato. The monks reclaimed the territory, introducing the first in Italy, at the beginning of '400, the cultivation of rice. With the passage of time, Lucedio became a real center of power both economically and politically. [show more...]