Nestled in the heart of the ancient Caudine Valley, Palazzo Marchesale Ferrari of Caracciolo majestically dominates Regina Elena Square for about 90 metres. The palace was built in 1500 and then extended and restored throughout the XVII century by Francesco Caracciolo. It is the ideal location to celebrate your wedding with elegance and style, in order to live unique and unforgettable moments.
After all, a special day deserves a refined location in order to become a real daydream. This is exactly the magic that envelops Palazzo Marchesale Ferrari, where the attention to detail and the impeccable service make the wedding reception an exclusive and unforgettable experience to be preserved forever.
A wedding in Palazzo Marchesale Ferrari will make you feel at home, it will make you overcome spatial and temporal barriers and enter an enchanted world, made of authenticity, mystery, and allure in a real historical residence. [show more...]