'Guest, please come, the landlords will open their hearts'.

With these words engraved in Latin on an old iron plaque, Masseria Roseto hosts the newlyweds that want to turn their most beautiful day into a unique, exclusive and unforgettable event. Inside the walls of this prestigious historic residence, located in Benevento, there is the feeling of a famous, charming, and ancient history. Precisely this ground, as many early-twentieth-century archaeological excavation suggest, was the last battlefield of the famous Battle of Maleventum, when the Romans were defeated by Pyrrhus. And right here, in the valley of Masseria, which once belonged to the Marques Pedicini, the Garibaldi Legion encamped to save Southern Italy from the House of Bourbon. The time machine brings us at the beginning of the last century, when Cotroneo family purchased the estate and turned it into one of the most fashion and appreciated location in this land. [show more...]