Among the gentle dunes of Salento, where the sweet fragrance of almond trees in bloom mixes with the acrid smell of saltiness, while the golden crocuses illuminate the marble shapes of the centuries-old olive trees, a magical pearl of rare beauty hides itself: Masseria San Lorenzo.
It is only three kilometres far from Lecce, this refined house, dating back to the XVI century, has recovered its ancient splendour, thanks to a wise and elegant work of restoration, which has given value to its essence and charm, and re-established its five hundred year-old prestige. Refinement and sobriety are the main characteristics of this building, which, through its harmonious elegance and enchanted atmosphere, represents the ideal location to turn your wedding day into a real dream. A little forest and a big one, orange trees, paths, streams, terraces, arbours… Masseria San Lorenzo is a big little jewel set in the heart of one of the most beautiful and charming Italian lands. [show more...]