Gently lying at the foot of Matese Regional Park, the old hamlet of San Lorenzello is Nicola Giustiniani’s birth place. He was a famous eighteenth-century ceramist, therefore this village currently represents an important benchmark for Italian ceramic art.
Palazzo Massone towers over the little squares and narrow alleys. It is a prestigious monumental building that dates back to the XVI century. In 1688, it was destroyed by a terrible earthquake and then restored according to the typical Southern late Baroque style. This spectacular historic residence, which has hosted many famous people like Gioachino Rossini, is a unique place. It is characterised by Rococo partial views, portals, majestic arches, a bare stone and local cobblestone paved courtyard, refined Vanvitellian style stairs, sumptuous and elegant halls, a wonderful cloister-style garden covering three thousand square metres, which is meticulously decorated with prestigious elements, like a bare stone-cistern, a great circular fountain and a lovely cotto and grey tuff tower-overlook. Palazzo Massone is the top residence, a green and cenobitic calm isle, nestled in the middle of an ancient and beautiful hamlet, whose moving views and bewitching atmosphere win over people’s eyes and heart.
This is the reason why Palazzo Massone is the ideal location for a dreamy, exclusive and unforgettable wedding reception. The spacious reception hall overlooks the fabulous garden, thanks to its cosy and delicate design, characterised by gentle stone and wooden inserts. The huge windows will make you get lost in the vast surrounding green. A green place that during the warmest seasons becomes the perfect location for a romantic outdoor wedding reception, which, at the sunset, thanks to the special illumination, will turn itself into a magical and unforgettable dream characterised by elegance and tender poetry.
Everything is meticulously supervised by a high-level banqueting service that will carefully take care of any detail, in order to offer you an extraordinary and unique event, thanks to a highly-qualified staff and the splendour of the best dishes of typical Campania culinary tradition.