Set on the spire of a spur of rock that nestles between the rugged peaks that dominate the
regional park of Velino-Sirente and that of the Gran Sasso, the Monastery -Fortress of Santo
Spirito, like a careful and severe sentinel, dominates and scrutinizes the valley of the
Aterno in its plenitude.
With its spectacular view of the Gran Sasso and Majella mountains, and its mighty walls
that exude charm, art and history from every stone, this prestigious residence is the ideal
location for an exclusive, surprising and memorable wedding reception. Just by crossing the
entrance, you are already involved by a sense of bliss and you find yourself immersed in a
dreamlike dimension that goes beyond time and space.
The Monastery, which is the first Cistercian settlement in the valley of L'Aquila, was built
in the first half of 1200, just before the foundation of L'Aquila. [show more...]