Set on the spire of a spur of rock that nestles between the rugged peaks that dominate the
regional park of Velino-Sirente and that of the Gran Sasso, the Monastery -Fortress of Santo
Spirito, like a careful and severe sentinel, dominates and scrutinizes the valley of the
Aterno in its plenitude.
With its spectacular view of the Gran Sasso and Majella mountains, and its mighty walls
that exude charm, art and history from every stone, this prestigious residence is the ideal
location for an exclusive, surprising and memorable wedding reception. Just by crossing the
entrance, you are already involved by a sense of bliss and you find yourself immersed in a
dreamlike dimension that goes beyond time and space.
The Monastery, which is the first Cistercian settlement in the valley of L'Aquila, was built
in the first half of 1200, just before the foundation of L'Aquila. When the monks left, at the
beginning of the seventeenth century, it was literally abandoned to itself. Until, in 1970, a
restoration work was started for, lasting for 30 years. And so, after centuries of desolation
and neglect, the ancient Monastery- Fortress of Santo Spirito came back to life, maintaining its
original essence of a site of refreshment for the soul and warm welcome for its guests.
Inside this evocative medieval historical residence there are various stone rooms, the
deconsecrated Church where you can celebrate the civil ceremony embraced by a
penetrating and austere atmosphere, and yet the precious halls enriched by a magnificent
panoramic loggia and a splendid Archaeological Exhibition set up in the ancient Sala
Capitolare. Meanwhile, the cloister, with its velvety lawn, is the ideal setting for a romantic
outdoor reception accompanied by colorful flowers and fragrant fronds of fruit trees.
At the Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito all the senses are pervaded by beauty and magic:
the breathtaking panorama from the terrace reveals the valley in its entirety to the eyes, the
scent of roses mixed with the reassuring smell of lavender and rosemary, the rough and
massive stone that envelops the walls, the sublime silence of a nature that, like a generous
and extravagant mother, envelops this place of peace and contemplation... and last but not
least, the delicacy and elegance of the restaurant entrusted to an expert starred chef.
Everything in the Monastery will make your wedding memorable and unique.
And it is precisely the totality of this supernatural harmony and the extraordinary
atmosphere that is sensed in every corner of Santo Spirito Monastery-Fortress that
has impressed our Commission, who has released to this structure the coveted Quality
Certification of Residenze d'Epoca. Furthermore, the competence, the availability, the dedication
and attention of the two owners who lovingly take care of every detail of the wedding organization, in order to transform a dream into a marvelous reality and, why not, to soften the
normal anxiety that is typical in the most beautiful day, with a warm and open smile, never lacking at the Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito.