Luxuriant forests, beautiful plateau full of water springs, sleepy fields, and traces of a past full of charm, art, and transcendence. This is the scenario that surrounds the majestic Monastero San Biagio, an old convent between Nocera Umbra and Assisi, built around the Year 1000, on the ruins of a pagan altar. The Monastery was built to offer a sort of accommodation to warriors, noblemen, and middle-class people belonging to the Order of Knights Templar. At the end of the XIV century, it became a hostel to host the pilgrims along Via Francigena towards the Holy Land. Through a secret and wise mixture of officinal herbs, work, and prayers, the monks of San Biagio tried to find the best conditions for those wayfarer, in order to turn their quick stay into a moment of purification and regeneration.
After many centuries and a long and accurate restoration, this evocative historic house has recovered its original splendour. [show more...]